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1000 Steps To World Domination

Rob Osborne wants to conquer the world, and he wants to do it through comics. Are his dreams of global supremacy delusions of grandeur? Or is he, in fact, a tyrannical genius? In his pursuit of world domination, Rob faces numerous obstacles. His dogs don't take him seriously. He's impugned by his inner monkey. His wife rolls her eyes. But Rob is relentless. Resistance is futile!

By Rob Osborne

6" x 9", B&W, 140 Pages, $9.95 US
ISBN: 978-1452842790

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"Monty Python has an American cousin. Osborne manifests the same propensity for attempting the improbable by means of the ridiculous that propelled the Pythons to the pinnacle of comedic renown. But the heck with comedic renown. Osborne wants world domination. Marvelously demented!"

- Ray Olson | Booklist

"1000 Steps To World Domination is the greatest example ever of how to take a very simple idea and transform it into a piece of comedy gold to be quoated and cherished for years to come."

- Augie De Blieck, Jr. | Comic Book Resources


2003 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics

2004 Broken Frontier Paper Screen Gem Award for Humor


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